5 years ago I  attended several wedding receptions in Idaho Falls, Idaho, a high school reunion in Pocatello, Idaho, and even a  50th birthday party where a photo booth was present.  I was smitten with the notion of having my own photo booth equipment and being able to create what I saw happening at those events in my local area in Southeast Idaho!  I took note of everything I loved about the “booth”, the company, the camera, and the overall ingenuity of the experience. Then  I found what I wanted — and I think it is perfect!

Party decorating, banquet organizing, scenery creating, and going crazy over themed birthdays has been my passion, my obsession really.    I love the diversity of people and of their vision of how an event will be presented,  I bought the booth and the party world opened up to me.  Weddings, high school proms,, quinceneras, birthday parties, Christmas parties, family and class reunions all became part of me.

There IS magic to presentation; to creating an activity that enhances everything else that is so important to you on a special day!

WE WANT TO CREATE THAT MAGIC FOR YOU. We want to stand subtly on the sidelines of an already awesome event and capture the great smiles and happy memories, or in the middle of chaos and excitement of laughter and sometimes plain old goofiness!

Your friends will be talking about the Confetti Photo Booth experience long after the event.   And you will have photographs of everyone attending, to hold onto and enjoy for years.